Feel great with Woman Elements 123

  • 3 weeks
  • 4 sessions each week
  • Course progress tracking

We are strong, very strong women!

We have been training and trying different methods, classes, practices for long enough to recognise what looks good from what’s best for us. 

Our bodies have changed, improved, surprised us; our energy has matured, evolved; our minds know things we didn’t before.

We are looking for more balanced practices, not because we can’t do killer abs and jumps anymore, but because we realised we need far more than that; we understand the importance of body-mind-soul balance. 

Woman Elements 123 is a training course designed for women ready for a balanced way to look after their physical, mental and emotional body; ready for a well-being practice. 

The program will be divided into weekly topics to be explored through our three Elements – Body, Mind & Soul. This will bring the balance between intention & intensity into our weekly sessions: one day intense strength and the next day recovery and rest, or silent meditation.

Get ready to feel great, whole and balanced the way you are, the way we are!

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